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Gender Free Clothes

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Gender Free Kids Clothes

Stardust is a gender free/unisex brand which was established in 1998. We offer one size and cut for both boys and girls because until puberty, boys and girls are the same shape and size. We believe that gender stereotypes are harmful to children and that gendered clothing can create problems such as low self-esteem amongst girls and boys who are unable to express their feelings. We do not believe that the brains of girls and boys are different and we believe gender is a harmful social construct. Therefore our designs provide the same freedom and sense of design and adventure for both boys and girls.

Ethical Manufacturing

We are mindful that empowerment of girls in the West should not be built on exploitation of girls and women in other countries. Our clothes are made by a small family run business based in India who comply with the ETI Ethical Base Code. We have a commitment to ethical trade and adopt a code of labour practice that we require our manufacturer to work towards. The code addresses issues like wages, hours of work, health and safety and the right to join free trade unions.

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