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Ethical Responsibility

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- 100% of our workforce's total mileage in travelling to work is by public transport, bicycle or walking.
- Wherever possible, public transport is used to attend meetings.


- All electricity used is supplied from a renewable tariff.
- Low energy light bulbs are used throughout our premises.
- Appliances are turned off when not in use.
- Floors, walls and ceilings are insulated.
- Offices are double-glazed throughout.
- We re-use and recycle 70% of our waste. We recycle paper, ink cartridges, cardboard, plastics, glass, tin and aluminium reuse cardboard boxes for packing.
- We upcyle old IT equipment, machinery and furniture.
- Minimise paper use by storing information digitally rather than paper files.
- We use recycled paper for printing and stationary products where possible.
- Any garments that do not reach our quality standard are donated to local Charity events.


- We strive to produce all our garments ethically with regard for the environment.
- The garments are made by a small family run business based in India who comply with the ETI Ethical Base Code.
- The garments are printed in our own London workshop where staff are paid well above the minimum wage and benefit from permanent contracts.
- Stardust use Azo free dyes to protect the environment.


- We provide fair trade tea and coffee to staff.
- We use environmentally friendly cleaning products including biodegradable washing up liquids, cleaning products and toilet cleaners.
- Ensure all employees know and understand the policy and what is expected of them.
- We comply with environmental legislation, regulations and government guidance.
- We review this policy annually.

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